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[Gnash-dev] Starting Points for developing a tool/lib for SWF -> Image?

From: Matt Kendall
Subject: [Gnash-dev] Starting Points for developing a tool/lib for SWF -> Image?
Date: Mon, 31 Aug 2009 13:32:21 -0400

Hello everyone,

I'm doing some work for a client and I have a bit of an odd situation.
I'm doing work on a LAMP server and I'm getting a SWF file from a web
service. The SWF file is very simple (one frame with shapes in it, no
video or anything complicated), but I need to merge it with an JPEG
that I have already generated and return the entire thing as an image
file (png, jpeg, whatever). I've managed to merge the SWF and JPEG
using swfmill and I can view the results in Gnash. It's absolutely
perfect, except I need to convert what Gnash is showing me into an
image on disk.

I've done some googling on the topic and I've already tried out
lighter weight solutions like Flirt, but they haven't been stable
enough. I know I could do something simple like take a screenshot of
the Gnash viewer, but I'd rather not put X on my web server and deal
with cropping, images larger than the desktop, etc. What I'd like to
do is just create a small library or command line tool that I can call
from my web service code to do the translation. The Gnash code base is
impressively deep, so I was wondering if there were any test cases or
examples that are close to what I want that I could use as a starting
point. Assuming I can get something working, I'd like to donate it
back to the community, since I've seen others looking for similar

I'm open to other ideas if there's a simple way of doing this that I'm
missing, or if Gnash isn't the right project to use as a starting
point. Unfortunately, I don't have control over the requirements. I
have to take SWF + JPEG and return an image, so I can't get around the
problem by simply not solving it :).


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