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[Gnash-dev] ill-formed log_xxxx

From: Udo Giacomozzi
Subject: [Gnash-dev] ill-formed log_xxxx
Date: Thu, 10 Sep 2009 15:19:17 +0200

When running Gnash with the -v option I get the following critical error:

$ ./ movies/counter.swf -v
18174:1] 13:13:20 ERROR: Could not create sound handler: Unable to open SDL 
audio: No available audio device. Will continue w/out sound.
18174:1] 13:13:20 SECURITY: Checking security of URL 
18174:1] 13:13:20 SECURITY: Load of file /home/impapp/.gnash/movies/counter.swf 
granted (under local sandbox /home/impapp/.gnash/movies/)
18174:1] 13:13:20 SECURITY: Extensions enabled, scanning plugin dir for load
18174:1] 13:13:20 SECURITY: Loading module: fileio from ./extensions
terminate called after throwing an instance of 
  what():  boost::bad_format_string: format-string is ill-formed

This happens with any movie I tried (even the most simples ones).

Without the -v option Gnash runs fine.

Apparently some log_xxxx() call is not formed correctly. Unfortunately
I can't do a backtrace to find the relevant call because I
cross-compiled Gnash and have no gdb on the target device.

Boost version is 1.38.0

Perhaps someone else with a normal build is experiencing the same


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