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[Gnash-dev] iPlayer using gnash

From: Matthew Spencer
Subject: [Gnash-dev] iPlayer using gnash
Date: Fri, 11 Sep 2009 15:55:37 +0100

Hi Guys

I'm new on this list, so sorry in advance for any noob mistakes I make.

I currently have a pet project to get the BBC's iPlayer working with gnash.  I am using WebKit to display the BigScreen interface, with the gnash plugin supplying the flash support.

I have a few questions for the list on how best to progress with the work, seeing as I have a bit of time available to try and get this working.

Firstly, I am getting a huge number of 'UNIMPLEMENTED' messages in the log for 'LocalConnection.send' of the form:
  13979:1] 14:46:44: DEBUG:  ***** The send function is called *****
  13979:1] 14:46:44: DEBUG: STOP! No memory allocated!!
  13979:1] 14:46:44: UNIMPLEMENTED: LocalConnection.send unimplemented [string:emp], [string:traceIt], [string:{72} 14:46:44 [system_event]], [string:Confirm IplayerLiveStats sent]

This looks to me to be a debug interface in the swf file that is not currently connected to anything, my feeling is that this is safe to ignore for the moment?

The second question.  YouTube streaming seems to be working fine (although not through the XL interface at  Looking at the logs again, it seems that youtube is using http rather than rtmp streaming.  I notice there is a lot of rtmp code in place in gnash, but an rtmp packet is never sent.  Looking at the code in NetConnection_as.cpp, I also note that there is only an HTTPRemotingHandler created (line 846), if I want to get RTMP working, do I need to implement an RTMPRemotingHandler interface?

If someone could point me in the right direction, it would be greatly appreciated.



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