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[Gnash-dev] Sound Volume defaults

From: Miriam Ruiz
Subject: [Gnash-dev] Sound Volume defaults
Date: Mon, 28 Sep 2009 03:01:29 +0200


I've just received this bug report in Debian [1]:

Whenever I start playing a video (e.g.: inside my browser,
with mozilla-plugin-gnash) gnash sets its volume level to the maximum
value (that is to say: 100 %).
This is way too much for my set up, hence I have to manually move the
slider and set gnash volume to a value around 20 % or 30 %, if I
want to avoid breaking my eardrums!


I would like to have a configuration option to be placed into
my ~/.gnashrc that sets the initial value for gnash volume.
Something like "set volume 25" would set the initial value for
the volume to 25 %
Of course the user should still be able to change the volume level
while gnash is running...

Is there something available along these lines?

Thanks in advance,


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