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[Gnash-dev] ffmpeg: premature end of live streams

From: Udo Giacomozzi
Subject: [Gnash-dev] ffmpeg: premature end of live streams
Date: Mon, 5 Oct 2009 15:02:34 +0200

I have a simple Gnash application that shows a live video stream from
a IP camera (MJPEG codec).

After about 9 minutes the video stops to update itself and keeps
showing the last frame received.

Verbose output says:

$ GNASH_DEFAULT_VCODEC=mjpeg ./ -v test/mjpeg-test4.swf -r 1 -v
22257:1] 14:45:45 DEBUG: Framebuffer pixel format is BGRA32 (little-endian host)
22257:1] 14:45:45 DEBUG: Initialized AGG buffer <0xb52c7008>, 8253440 bytes, 
800x480, rowsize is 4096 bytes
22257:1] 14:45:45 DEBUG: Loading native class MovieClip
22257:1] 14:45:45 DEBUG: Loading native class Error
22257:1] 14:45:45 DEBUG: Loading native class NetConnection
22257:1] 14:45:45 DEBUG: gnash::as_value 
gnash::<unnamed>::netconnection_new(const gnash::fn_call&) enter
22257:1] 14:45:45 DEBUG: Loading native class NetStream
22257:1] 14:45:45 SECURITY: Connecting to movie:
22257:1] 14:45:45 SECURITY: Checking security of URL 
22257:1] 14:45:45 SECURITY: Load from host granted (default)
22257:1] 14:45:45 DEBUG: CurlStreamFile 0x98ce880 created
22257:1] 14:45:45 DEBUG: Parsing FFMPEG media file: format:mjpeg; nstreams:1
22257:1] 14:45:45 DEBUG:   Using stream 0 for video: codec id 8
22257:1] 14:45:45 ERROR: Duration of video stream unknown
22257:1] 14:45:45 DEBUG: Starting MediaParser thread
22257:1] 14:45:45 DEBUG: Global instance list grew to 2 entries
22257:1] 14:45:45 DEBUG: Starting virtual clock
22257:1] 14:45:45 DEBUG: VideoDecoder: initialized FFMPEG codec mjpeg (8)
22257:1] 14:45:45 DEBUG: NetStream_as::initVideoDecoder: hot-plugging video 

22257:3] 14:54:12 ERROR: CURL: Failed writing received data to disk/application
22257:3] 14:54:12 ERROR: MediaParserFfmpeg::parseNextFrame: Problems parsing 
next frame (av_read_frame returned -5). We'll consider the stream fully parsed.
22257:1] 14:54:12 ERROR: Decoding of a video frame failed
22257:1] 14:54:12 ERROR: Error decoding encoded video frame in NetStream input
22257:1] 14:54:12 ERROR: nextVideoFrameTimestamp returned true (254040), but 
decodeNextVideoFrame returned null, I don't think this should ever happen

Relevant ActionScript (AS2, SWF6) is quite simple:
url = "";;

var connection_nc:NetConnection = new NetConnection();
var stream_ns:NetStream = new NetStream(connection_nc);
stream_ns.setBufferTime(0);   // reduce latency to minimum

Obviously CURL has problems forwarding the data to the decoder. Any
clue why this happens? I'm not that familiar with the video stuff in

Gnash is configured for FFMPEG + AGG. System is Debian 5 with about
110 MB free RAM while Gnash is _running_.

Any ideas?


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