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[Gnash-dev] [Fwd: [swfmill] swfmill 0.3.0 released]

From: Benjamin Wolsey
Subject: [Gnash-dev] [Fwd: [swfmill] swfmill 0.3.0 released]
Date: Tue, 01 Dec 2009 08:03:58 +0100

Devs please note - there is now a new official release 0.3.0 of swfmill!
If you grab it (and building from source is pretty easy) you can run
Gnash's ABC bytecode tests. It also fixes bugs in generating some AS2
trace tests.


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Von: Daniel Cassidy <address@hidden>
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Betreff: [swfmill] swfmill 0.3.0 released
Datum: Mon, 30 Nov 2009 22:40:50 +0000

Hi List,

At long, long last I have released swfmill 0.3.0. It is available to
download right now from <>.

There are still known bugs, but I have decided that none of them are
sufficiently glaring to warrant holding off a release any longer.
Windows binaries and a source code release are available now. Mac
users will unfortunately have to hang on for another couple of weeks,
or roll their own. I am also investigating the possibility of
providing Linux binaries.

The release is a snapshot of the code available on the Bazaar
repository right now. Therefore it includes all the various and sundry
fixes and features that have been introduced since the last release
two and a half (!) years ago. For many readers of this list, most of
the changes will be old news. For those that have been living under a
rock since then, the highlights (at least for me) are:

 * Support for importing more than one SVG (a change that
unfortunately breaks backwards compatibility with the last release);
 * Support importing MP3s with more sample rates;
 * Support importing WAV files;
 * Support DoABC and other tags new with Flash 9 and 10;
 * Fix compilation on GCCs newer than 3.2;
 * and hundreds of bug fixes and minor improvements.

Being still fairly new to maintaining swfmill, I imagine that I have
made at least one stupid mistake in packaging this release. If that is
the case, then I will follow up with a 0.3.1 release within a month or
so to tackle any problems.

Otherwise I am going to focus on improving swfmill’s documentation,
since that is the area that could do with most improvement.

Have fun,

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Benjamin Wolsey, Software Developer -

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