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Re: [Gnash-dev] How we can cofigure gnash for Freescale MCF5271 controll

From: Indrajeet Gajanan
Subject: Re: [Gnash-dev] How we can cofigure gnash for Freescale MCF5271 controller running on Linux kernel 2.4 Open Source.
Date: Thu, 10 Dec 2009 14:59:18 +0530

> My questions are
> 1- How we can run the Gnash player on our device.

>   After cross-compiling, load the executable on your target. For a UI,
>just have standalone Gnash launched when you boot or login.

> 2- Where I have to load swf file and which API class is used to read the
> swf file.
> 3- How gnash gets command from swf(our UI) gnash capture buttons in
> swf file.

>   Knowing nothing about your target makes it difficult to guess. You
>can either specify the file on the command line, or send it via stdin.

>>> gnash FileName.swf
> to run FileName.swf file, but how to run the same FileName.swf file on
> target.

>   There are a variety of ways to do this. Enable auto-login, and just
>have that user's config files (.login) start it up. Or maybe add it to
>/etc/rc.local. This has nothing to do with Gnash really.

>                 - rob -

Since i am new to Linux enviornment, I want to know
1- How to cross compiling the gnash by using using tool chain.Which command i have to use to generate executable file for target.
2- I try to configure the gnash by using

./configure --build=m68k-elf --target=m68k-elf --prefix=/usr/local/bin --enable-renderer=AGG --enable-media=none --enable-gui=FB --disable-plugin

command whther it is the right way to congfigure the gnash for target.

        -Indrajeet G

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