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[Gnash-dev] --once parameter regression

From: Kristian Erikson
Subject: [Gnash-dev] --once parameter regression
Date: Mon, 28 Dec 2009 10:59:16 +1300

Heya guys

Here at eyemagnet we've noticed that the “--once” or “-1” parameter
doesn't always work as intended any more with some files. In the 0.8.4
release of Gnash the parameter could be given to files that it will
not play now, given the same parameter, so it must be a regression. So
basically with the 0.8.6 release we noticed that some files fail to
play when given the “--once” parameter. To give an example please try
playing the the following files:

    gnash --once

As you can see the first one plays back fine, but when given the
“--once” flag the window never opens and the GTK-critical error is
    (gtk-gnash:5225): Gtk-CRITICAL **: gtk_main_quit: assertion
`main_loops != NULL' failed

I've been doing some testing and have found that not all files are
affected by this issue, and it appears to be spread across different
SWF versions as well. Trying to fix the problem and come up with a
patch I first tried figuring out how the “–once” parameter is parsed.
I found (please correct me if I'm wrong), that it basically ends up in
“gui/gui.h” as “ bool loops() const { return _loop; }”.

I then turned my attention to the initialization of the window in the
“gui/gtk” “gui/gui-gtk” related files, hoping the error would be
there. However I couldn't find the error there either, and the code
structure appeared very similar to the code in the 0.8.4 release, with
the only difference being the RunResources structure being passed down
to new initializing windows now, as opposed to the bit_depth.

I've also tried running Gnash inside a debugger, but that didn't
reveal any more information on what causes the error either

Seeing as the error does not occur on all files, and it doesn't appear
to be at the time of initializing the window, I'm thinking that it
must be due to something going wrong when playing the files. Maybe
it's in the virtual machine?

At this point I'm hoping for a suggestion as to where to look... Does
anyone have any ideas as to what might be going wrong? Or maybe a
smart suggestion I can use to help find what's causing the error? I'm
still hoping to create a patch for this, but I think I need some help
to do so at time point.

Thanks in advance

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