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[Gnash-dev] LocalConnection

From: Benjamin Wolsey
Subject: [Gnash-dev] LocalConnection
Date: Thu, 11 Feb 2010 14:30:18 +0100

Now that the 0.8.7 release branch is made, I've added an implementation
of LocalConnection in trunk.

It should work on POSIX systems and build on Windows (but not work
there). I apologize in advance if there are compilation problems. It
should be easy to add the Windows implementation (see for information about mutexes and
some example code). With any luck it will slot into the ifdefs in the 4
different functions (attach, the destructor, lock, and unlock) in

Gnash interfaces with the Adobe player both as sender and receiver, and
with itself. The Adobe player sometimes sends mystery extra data. I
don't know its purpose and don't have enough testcases to be sure I've
handled it correctly.

Finally, the mozilla plugin causes problems by terminating Gnash without
giving it a chance to clean up properly. When Gnash exits properly,
listeners remove themselves, the shared memory is detached, and if no
users are left it's removed completely. When the plugin kills Gnash, the
shared memory is left in a mess, and future instances of LocalConnection
may not work properly until it's cleared.


Use Gnash, the GNU Flash Player!

Benjamin Wolsey, Software Developer -
C++ and Open-Source Flash blog -


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