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[Gnash-dev] [PATCH][hwaccel] Disable HW scaling in VA-API

From: Gwenole Beauchesne
Subject: [Gnash-dev] [PATCH][hwaccel] Disable HW scaling in VA-API
Date: Tue, 2 Mar 2010 23:27:37 +0100


This patch disables HW scaling in the AGG/VAAPI code for now. This requires the previous "remove tabs" patch.

Note that Xv has the same problems. We may be able to workaround this problem by adding a bool notify = true arg to movie_root::set_display_viewport() and call that function with notify set to false before begin_display() .. and restore the old values at the end in end_display(). i.e. in GtkAggVaapiGlue::beforeRendering() and GtkAggVaapiGlue::render().

However, the next problem would be that translation from window coords to stage coords is incorrect too and the overall result is scaling working too good. i.e. large control bars for example: imagine you are scaling a 320x240 stage to 1280x1024.

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