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Re: [Gnash-dev] Hardware acceleration support

From: Rob Savoye
Subject: Re: [Gnash-dev] Hardware acceleration support
Date: Sat, 13 Mar 2010 22:14:12 -0700
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Adrian Panasiuk wrote:
> The guis are still trying to link against librender/,
> librender/ and librender/ - I've checked
> that symlinking librender/ to those names allows
> building working binaries.

  As of revno #12042, the hwaccel branch has been migrated to trunk. The
--hwaccel option has stayed the same, but now -R (--Renderer) is used to
specify ogl, cairo, or agg at runtime. The default is you get all three
renderers in a build, AGG is still the default if nothing else is
specified. To enable VAAPI, configure with --with-hwaccel=vaaapi. There
is also a config file setting "hwaccel" which can be set to none (the
existing behavior) or vaapi, or xv.

  I see two issues initially, although none of these effect normal
operation. If vaapi is enabled, it works fine for all my testcases, but
segfaults when going to YouTube. Obviously on the TODO list. Now that
it's easy to use OpenGL as the renderer, I've noticed it's definitely
far from correct when rendering animations. Some things never even
appear at all. There is also the YouTube issue with scaling when using
Xv, but works without Xv fine. More details om this in: My assumption would be other video
sites suffer from the same problem.

> A single build for all GUIs is not implemented right now, right?

  Actually that is how it builds now. On a non Haiku system, try
configuring with --enable-gui=all, and you'll get a whole bunch. This
was done mainly to make packaging easier.The default is just gtk and
kde4 guis.

  So anyway, sorry, I didn't test with your patch, things are different
now in that code. :-) Does Haiku support vaapi ?

        - rob -

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