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Re: [Gnash-dev] RTMP

From: Markus Gothe
Subject: Re: [Gnash-dev] RTMP
Date: Fri, 26 Mar 2010 01:08:40 +0100

No it's not per se, nor OpenVMS etc...

If Rob, Sandro, Bastiaan & Benjamin etc ( well it ends up with Rob ;-) )... gives a consensus(?) OK on this, I don't see any issues with pulling out code and put it in a separate DSO... I'm willing to help, however as Rob pointed out I ought to/should work on on the OS X GUI but for IRIX I'm more than willing to help (because IRIX use X11R6 it's not much of an issue, EXCEPT ( you knew there would be at least one when I mentioned IRIX, didn't you :) ) getting boost to compile. ).

//Markus / Gothe - Hmm, somehow I usually get associated with the latter, imaging the phone-calls in my family where everybody calling is asking for the the surname ;-)

On 25 Mar 2010, at 12:22, Andrea Palmatè wrote:

Il 25/03/2010 0.31, Markus Gothe ha scritto:
Indeed, not all OS'es comply with POSIX. I like the idea of a however, there might be some downsides with it. On the other hand the Unix-ppl wouldn't need to care about stuff like sysconf()...

Perhaps you could create a stub based on the AmigaOS-code? Just my five cents. ;-)

Indeed, this is my idea. I must understand only where i can put all amiga code. Actually there is no place in the code where i can put the amiga part without wrapping it into an #ifdef
Maybe the Gui part, but i would prefer to separate it.
But is sysconf() available also on windows?


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