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[Gnash-dev] ExternalInterface tests

From: Benjamin Wolsey
Subject: [Gnash-dev] ExternalInterface tests
Date: Fri, 04 Jun 2010 11:58:48 +0200

Running actionscript.all/ExternalInterface-8.swf in the flashplayer
gives me four failures:

PASSED: ExternalInterface::call() exists [43]
PASSED: ExternalInterface::addCallback() exists [49]
PASSED: ExternalInterface::available() exists [57]
PASSED: ExternalInterface::available is correct [65]
PASSED: ExternalInterface::addCallback("TestEIMethod") [76]
PASSED: ExternalInterface::call("TestEIMethod") [87]
PASSED: ExternalInterface::marshallExceptions() [95]
PASSED: ExternalInterface::_argumentsToXML() exists [104]
PASSED: ExternalInterface::_argumentsToAS() exists [110]
PASSED: ExternalInterface::_unescapeXML() exists [116]
PASSED: ExternalInterface::_toXML() exists [122]
PASSED: ExternalInterface::_toJS() exists [128]
PASSED: ExternalInterface::_toAS() exists [135]
PASSED: ExternalInterface::_objectToXML() exists [141]
PASSED: ExternalInterface::_objectToJS() exists [147]
PASSED: ExternalInterface::_objectToAS() exists [153]
PASSED: ExternalInterface::_objectID() exists [159]
PASSED: ExternalInterface::_jsQuoteString() exists [165]
PASSED: ExternalInterface::_initJS() exists [171]
PASSED: ExternalInterface::_evalJS() exists [177]
PASSED: ExternalInterface::_escapeXML() exists [183]
PASSED: ExternalInterface::_callOut() exists [189]
PASSED: ExternalInterface::_callIn() exists [195]
PASSED: ExternalInterface::_arrayToXML() exists [201]
PASSED: ExternalInterface::_arrayToJS() exists [207]
PASSED: ExternalInterface::_arrayToAS() exists [213]
PASSED: ExternalInterface::ExternalInterface() [241]
PASSED: ExternalInterface instanceOf [248]
PASSED: ExternalInterface undefined [255]
PASSED: ExternalInterface::_objectToXML(native class) [262]
XPASSED: ExternalInterface::_objectToXML(object) [269]
PASSED: ExternalInterface::_objectToXML(undefined) [276]
PASSED: ExternalInterface::_objectToXML(null) [283]
PASSED: ExternalInterface::_objectToXML(number) [290]
PASSED: ExternalInterface::_arrayToXML(array) [297]
PASSED: ExternalInterface::_argumentsToXML() [304]
PASSED: ExternalInterface::_toXML(number) [325]
XPASSED: ExternalInterface::_objectToXML(native object) [332]
PASSED: ExternalInterface::_escapeXML() [348]
XPASSED: ExternalInterface::_unescapeXML() [361]
FAILED: ExternalInterface::_toAS(number) [370]
FAILED: ExternalInterface::_toAS(string) [377]
PASSED: ExternalInterface::_toAS(null) [382]
FAILED: ExternalInterface::_toAS(true) [391]
FAILED: ExternalInterface::_toAS(false) [398]
XPASSED: ExternalInterface::_objectToAS(object) [403]

These are all AS-only functions, so shouldn't rely on any external

Gnash also has one of these failures, but as the same test fails in the
flashplayer, I don't know whether Gnash is wrong or not:

5249:1] 11:52:38 TRACE: FAILED: ExternalInterface::_toAS(number) [370]

Weirdly, though, the test failure doesn't show up when the testsuite is
run. If I make other tests fail, they do show up. Can anyone see what's
happening there?

Use Gnash, the GNU Flash Player!

Benjamin Wolsey, Software Developer -
C++ and Open-Source Flash blog -


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