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[Gnash-dev] test results as of r12218

From: strk
Subject: [Gnash-dev] test results as of r12218
Date: Fri, 4 Jun 2010 14:33:06 +0200

I've updated my copy of trunk to r12218, following are my
make check results:

Test suite extensions/fileio: 9 passes
Test suite testsuite/actionscript.all: 2 real failures, 28561 passes, 967 
expected failure *
Test suite testsuite/as3compile.all: 210 passes, 162 expected failure
Test suite testsuite/libbase.all: 365 passes
Test suite testsuite/libcore.all: 550 passes
Test suite testsuite/libmedia.all:
Test suite testsuite/misc-haxe.all/classes.all: 3 real failures, 3562 passes, 
202 expected failure, 9 unresolved *
Test suite testsuite/misc-haxe.all: 2 expected failure
Test suite testsuite/misc-ming.all: 11175 passes, 160 expected failure, 300 
Test suite testsuite/misc-mtasc.all: 184 passes, 2 expected failure
Test suite testsuite/misc-swfc.all: 466 passes, 16 expected failure, 10 untested
Test suite testsuite/misc-swfmill.all: 70 passes, 1 expected failure, 10 
Test suite testsuite/movies.all: 54 passes, 10 untested
Test suite testsuite/samples: 118 passes, 30 untested
Test suite testsuite/swfdec: 1435 passes, 577 expected failure

Test Result Totals:
        Total passes: 46759
        Total unresolved: 9
        Total expected failures: 2089
        Total untested: 360
        * Total real failures: 5

Unexpected failures follow:
 --=[ testsuite/actionscript.all ]=--
FAIL: astests-v7-Runner: expected: false obtained: true 
FAIL: astests-v8-Runner: expected: false obtained: true 
 --=[ testsuite/misc-haxe.all/classes.all ]=--
FAIL: LocalConnection_asv8.swf: x1.connect('string') should fail
FAIL: LocalConnection_asv7.swf: x1.connect('string') should fail
FAIL: LocalConnection_asv6.swf: x1.connect('string') should fail

Relevant informations:
 - Haxe Compiler 2.03
 - Ming head

I've heard the LocalConnection test results depend on the existance
of another gnash running during the testsuite run. Can this be fixed
by having the testsuites gnashrc (testsuite/gnashrc) specify a different
shared memory key ?


  ()   Free GIS & Flash consultant/developer

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