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[Gnash-dev] Vlc or other media player integration

From: Domingos Bruges
Subject: [Gnash-dev] Vlc or other media player integration
Date: Sat, 17 Jul 2010 09:59:45 +0100
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Hi all,

I have the need to create a way to show alternated contents like swf -> .mov -> swf -> mov, based on a playlist.
My problem are within the transitions. I can do this inside a browser where there’s a flash/gnash plugin or even inside an swf application that would load other contents (the swf and the .mov files).

All of these solutions are slow and have poor transitions with huge delays between them.

What  i would like to know is if there’s a way to integrate gnash inside vlc/mplayer and use it to play the swf content. Or the other perspective, to integrate other video formats inside the gnash standalone player.

Could someone point me some directions?
Best regards,

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