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Re: [Gnash-dev] Media handlers

From: Andrea Palmatè
Subject: Re: [Gnash-dev] Media handlers
Date: Mon, 19 Jul 2010 19:51:49 +0200

Il giorno 19/lug/2010, alle ore 19.46, Benjamin Wolsey ha scritto:

>> Media handlers: ffmpeg
> So configure seems to be working correctly.
it has always worked in the past since i've always used ffmpeg as media handler

> And this shows that none are registered at startup. I'd say there are
> three options:
> 1. The ffmpeg files aren't getting compiled at all.
> 2. The registration part of ffmpeg isn't being compiled (it needs a
> #define which is currently passed on the command line).

the ffmpeg part is compiled correctly. the only define that is passed is 
-DREGISTER_MEDIA_HANDLERS, but i'm sure that ffmpeg part is compiled since i 
get this warning when MediaParserFfmpeg.cpp is compiled

ffmpeg/MediaParserFfmpeg.cpp: In member function 'void 
ffmpeg/MediaParserFfmpeg.cpp:355: warning: 'av_alloc_format_context' is 
deprecated (declared at 

> 3. They're getting compiled but the static initialization isn't
> performed. I can't think of a good reason (except possibly linking) why
> that might happen.
but that's why i'm using a static lib instead of the shared one?


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