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[Gnash-dev] README updates

From: John Gilmore
Subject: [Gnash-dev] README updates
Date: Wed, 04 Aug 2010 19:10:11 -0700

  The plugin correctly installs itself into Mozilla, Firefox, or Konqueror.
  It can play some SWF files in cooperation with the browser. It
  should work with any browser that supports Mozilla's NSPR API and
  plugin SDK. It has been tested with Mozilla 1.7.13 with gtk2 (won't work with
  gtk1 due to the NSAPI used), Firefox 1.0.x, Firefox 1.5.x, Firefox 2.x,
  Firefox 3.x, Iceweasel and Epiphany.

Shouldn't that say NPAPI rather than NSPR?

  The plugin works by forking and running the standalone player, so whichever
  graphics library Gnash uses will also be used by the plugin. As an alternate
  to SDL, Gnash also now has FLTK2 support.

Huh?  Aren't the main choices for graphics libraries gtk and kde?

  The GTK version has full event handling, and supports a right-click
  mouse menu to control the movie. The SDL version has no event
  handling, which means mouse clicks and keys pressed get ignored. Also
  the windows don't resize, and occasionally they overrun their
  boundaries. The GTK version requires GtkGlExt, and defaults to SDL if
  GtkGlExt is not installed, or if --disable-glext is passed to configure.

Is this accurate?  And more important, is it relevant?  Is there any
point in building gnash with SDL and no gtk and no kde?

(There's a much more detailed discussion further down in README about what
--enable-gui options exist and what they're good for.)

  If you select gstreamer as the media backend, gnash requires version 0.10
  because earlier versions wouldn't let you insert clips into an existing
  sound stream, as Gnash needs to do. If you use Gstreamer, you still need
  the ffmeg decoders, and the ffmpeg plugin for Gstreamer.

Shouldn't that last sentence say, "If you compile gnash to use
Gstreamer, users who want to view Flash videos while running gnash
will need to install the ffmpeg plugin for gstreamer, and the ffmpeg
[not ffmeg] decoders for the FLV file format, the Sorenson decoder,
the H.xxxx decoder, and probably AAC(?) which I think I've seen too."

  Configure with --with-plugindir= to set the directory that "make
  install" will install the plugin in. By default it will be installed
  in the user's .mozilla/plugins directory, even if you install using

This contradicts later text which says that "make install" won't install
the plugin; only "make install-plugin" will.


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