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[Gnash-dev] XMLSocketTest.swf early exit

From: strk
Subject: [Gnash-dev] XMLSocketTest.swf early exit
Date: Tue, 12 Oct 2010 00:30:17 +0200

Playing a bit with XMLSocketTester I seem to get
an unjustified early exit:

30348:1] 00:28:07 DEBUG: Loading native class XMLSocket
30348:1] 00:28:07 SECURITY: Load from host localhost granted (default)
30348:1] 00:28:07 TRACE: PASSED: ret == true 
30348:1] 00:28:07 TRACE: PASSED: connectionStatus == true 
30348:1] 00:28:07 TRACE: Connected
FAILED: consistency check: last trace from run of test  (Connected) doesn't 
match pattern (ENDOFTEST)

I added DEBUG prints for FSCommand and timeout driven quits in NullGui
(the gui you get with -r0). Neither of them is printed.
Any other idea of possible reason for a termination ?


  ()   Free GIS & Flash consultant/developer

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