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[Gnash-dev] Features?

From: Benjamin Wolsey
Subject: [Gnash-dev] Features?
Date: Tue, 26 Oct 2010 21:12:40 +0200

Gnash could well be the best tool currently available for rendering SWFs
to video and creating screenshots automatically. It's certainly the
freest. Gnash is improving its support for ActionScript 2 continually.
But it could get even better!

The following are just some of the things that can be fixed in the short
term (ranging from a day to a few weeks):

     1. Native JPEG screenshot output with quality setting.
     2. Reliable text handling.
     3. Proper RTMP support (RTMP remoting has just been added in
     4. Direct rendering of SWFs to video formats.
     5. Camera support (FFmpeg).
     6. Microphone support (FFmpeg).
     7. Further BitmapData functions such as copyPixels(),
        scroll(),copyChannel() etc.
     8. A windowless browser plugin.

If anyone is interested in having this functionality or any other
features implemented, please get in touch.

Use Gnash, the GNU Flash Player!

Benjamin Wolsey, Software Developer -
C++ and Open-Source Flash blog -


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