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[Gnash-dev] revno.h

From: strk
Subject: [Gnash-dev] revno.h
Date: Wed, 8 Dec 2010 13:57:14 +0100

I've cleaned up the way revno.h is generated
and it's contents.

(1) revno.h is updated/generated in source tree, not build tree
(2) revno.h is never cleaned (should be in distributed tarballs)
(3) revno.h is rebuilt at _every_ make invocation (fast, with git)
(4) revno.h is not touched if its content don't change
(5) BRANCH_REVNO is now abbreviated commit-id

That's pretty much it.
I've updated the debian/rules script to go look in the
correct place.

Only concern is about rob mentioning he wanted a sequential
number for the debian package versions. The new BRANCH_REVNO
doesn't give you that. Once I tought we could count commits
in the repo, but that's also depnedent on the kind of repo you
have (if full or rooted at some commit). 

In any case we surely DO WANT the commit id too, as that gives
you exact information about the source tree from which a binary
is derived, so if we really need a sequencial number too, we should
add something to revno.h rather than condending BRANCH_REVNO.


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