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[Gnash-dev] revno.h again and deb building

From: strk
Subject: [Gnash-dev] revno.h again and deb building
Date: Thu, 9 Dec 2010 09:48:47 +0100

So I've pushed a new version of revno.h
which takes BRANCH_REVNO back to a sequential
number (count of commits in repo) and adds
a COMMIT_ID variable for the actual commit id.

Also, I reverted rob's unexplained reverts of
the commits improving generation of revno.h,
so revno.h is back in source tree.

One concern of rob about having revno.h in source
repository was that source dir should be read-only.
This is still the case as revno.h* will only be
written if sources are not in a git repository (and
I dubt you'll have a git working tree under read-only
filesystem, right ?)

About using `which git' vs. configure time checking
I'm still wondering what's "better" about it.
Please explain before reverting.

Oh, I've tested make deb this time and it works,
although I still think it's very fragile.

In particular, having a variable grepping
inside revno.h is not a sane behavior as nothing
guarantees such lookup will happen _after_ revno.h is
checked and got a chance of being generated/updated.
The effect of such insane lookup is what you see in
buildbot logs [1]

 grep: ./revno.h: No such file or directory


The offending code is in (now I know, was hard to figure before)

The solution would be puttin those variables lookup inside the rules
makin use of them.

Note that it was hard to figure where the code was because you have
the revno.h lookup code in multiple places, one of which is
debian/rules which I still dunno what does with that information
so couldn't even tell if everything is 100% correct.

Last note: 'make deb' you can't complete successfully unless you have
rob's private GPG key to sign the packages, altought it leaves you
with the .deb files built (think buildbots).


  ()   Free GIS & Flash consultant/developer

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