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[Gnash-dev] Another revno.h silly commit by rob

From: strk
Subject: [Gnash-dev] Another revno.h silly commit by rob
Date: Thu, 9 Dec 2010 18:38:16 +0100

Another one came today:

 commit fbc5d9e9d82f596a5872a4e162b65aa48428aefc
 Author: Rob Savoye <address@hidden>
 Date:   Thu Dec 9 08:45:14 2010 -0700

   only rebuild revno,.h if something has changed. Default to the date if GIT i

The commit log sounds good. Only problem is that the old code was
already doin that (only updating revno.h if something changed) while
the new code forces rebuilding:

Code removed by Rob:

- if diff -q revno.h.n revno.h > /dev/null; then \
-   echo "Current revno.h is up to date ($${nick} $${revno} $${comm
-   rm -f revno.h.n; \
- else \
-   echo "Updating revno.h ($${nick} $${revno} $${comm_id})"; \
-   mv revno.h.n revno.h; \
- fi; \

Code added by Rob:

+revno.h: Makefile .configline
+       -$(RM) -f revno.h

I don't see how removing revno.h implements ...
... "only rebuild revno.h if something has changed"

Of course he also removed the use of conditionals to check
existance of git:


replacing with a call to an executable at make time:

+       if test -d $(top_srcdir)/.git -a x$(GIT) != x; then \

I guess "it was better before"


I hope Rob will learn to work in a team.


  ()   Free GIS & Flash consultant/developer

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