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[Gnash-dev] Browser flash plugin switcher

From: Justyn Butler
Subject: [Gnash-dev] Browser flash plugin switcher
Date: Sat, 11 Dec 2010 19:42:24 +0000


I know this isn't strictly about Gnash development, but I think this
could be beneficial for the project and I hope someone here has a
chance of knowing the answer.

Is there any way to have Firefox load a different flash plugin for
different sites? So that for example someone could use Gnash as the
default, but when they came across a site where it didn't work well
enough for their needs, they could add the url to a "blacklist" which
would use the Adobe plugin for that site in the future.

If not, is there any known technical barrier to such a Firefox extension?

I have searched and searched and searched but cannot seem to find
anything that does this, despite it clearly being a very useful idea,
and this puzzles me. To be honest, I just assumed it would exist.

It seems to me that many people like the idea of Adobe flash
alternatives but aren't prepared to use them until they work with
close to 100% of flash content on the web, which is a ways off yet.

If there was an easy way to still have Adobe flash as a fallback then
far more people would be prepared to use Gnash - and more Gnash users
could lead to more donations, more Gnash development and get us closer
to the point where the closed-source plugin isn't needed at all.

Am I missing something?


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