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[Gnash-dev] BuildBot news

From: strk
Subject: [Gnash-dev] BuildBot news
Date: Wed, 15 Dec 2010 23:30:35 +0100

FYI: I've setup a change source for buildbot.
This was done using a cron job and some git hooks
so we don't depend on savannah sysadmins.

Note that GitPoller which comes with buildbot had
problems, possibly due to the old version of git
running on gnashdev.
Anyway, the cron-based one does about the same, only
it uses the http interface of buildbot to signal 

You can see the effect of the polling on the waterfall [1].
First column contains a reference of changes detected.
They are polled for every 5 minutes.


Now that we know about changes, Schedulers can be defined
to trigger builds when a change occur.

One such scheduler is active and triggers build on
lucid-linux-x86_64 and on squeeze-linux-x86, which are
the only two that had ever reached a "green" (successful)
It's not yet tested if the scheduler works as expected.
Theoretically it'll start (or queue?) builds after each change.

Finally, a MailNotifier state was setup, which should theoretically
send a mail to gnash-commit and to whoever introduced changes
when builds turn from successful to failing.

More eyes are always welcome on buildbot, so if you feel playing
with snakes... ask rob for an account :)


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