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[Gnash-dev] Android support for Gnash

From: blenheimears
Subject: [Gnash-dev] Android support for Gnash
Date: Mon, 3 Jan 2011 18:23:36 -0500 (EST)

Adobe does not provide Flash player for older versions of Android or newer versions of Android running on certain phones, so a Gnash port for Android that works in the Android browser would be a big help and possibly one of the most important features for Gnash. It should run on all versions of Android (Cupcake all the way up to Gingerbread and future versions) for maximum compatibility. Support for both ARM and x86 would be nice. This would be a great feature and I'm sure many people would look forward to playing Flash on Android. An iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad port for jailbroken devices would also be nice to have. Lack of Flash player is a major drawback for mobile devices, and Gnash may be the answer.


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