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[Gnash-dev] Gnash 0.8.9 status

From: Benjamin Wolsey
Subject: [Gnash-dev] Gnash 0.8.9 status
Date: Wed, 02 Mar 2011 20:01:44 +0100

In the last two weeks we've closed 29 bugs (at time of writing), 14 of
them serious enough to be considered release blockers: that is bugs that
cause an abort, a segfault, or an illegal memory access.

All fixed bugs:
Including fixed blockers: 

Most of the blocker bugs were on the redhat bugzilla along with
backtraces and other useful information. Despite being partly from Gnash
0.8.7, most had never been passed upstream until Hicham Haouari, the new
Gnash package maintainer for Fedora, got to work on them two weeks ago.
Bastiaan Jacques also triaged those bugs for the Gnash bug tracker, as
well as fixing many of them himself. We're all particularly pleased to
have long-standing sound bugs fixed.

There are still two known blockers left to fix before the release:

Hopefully they'll be ready for testing within a couple of days, so Gnash
0.8.9 can be the most stable version yetg along with all the other


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