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Re: [Gnash-dev] New features for Gnash 0.8.10?

From: Maximi89
Subject: Re: [Gnash-dev] New features for Gnash 0.8.10?
Date: Mon, 11 Apr 2011 08:41:51 -0400

What about input TextBox? time ago i was unable to use the textbox,
can´t put any words in them...

and another thing was i was unable to see the fonts on a flash game, I
have filled a bug against both things.

Greetings :D

2011/4/11, Benjamin Wolsey <address@hidden>:
> For the next version of Gnash, provisionally 0.8.10, there are already
> improvements in the git repository: the Qt4 GUI supports clipboard
> setting and mouse wheel input, the BitmapData code is optimized and
> extended to implement more of its ActionScript interface, and the XML
> class is finally fully implemented.
> These improvements mean that Gnash can play more of the SWFs it
> encounters. It also means that Flash movies written specifically for
> Gnash can use a wider range of ActionScript features.
> So what can be improved for the next version? Any of the following list
> can be implemented in about a month at most, some in days. Please
> contact me if you would like to fund development of these features (or
> any others).
> * FileReference and FileReferenceList (file upload support in
> ActionScript).
> * Many TextField improvements to fix incorrect positioning and style.
> * StyleSheets.
> * Printing.
> * BitmapFilters.
> * RTMP media streaming.
> * ContextMenu.
> * ActionScript Camera support.
> * ActionScript Microphone support.
> * Still more BitmapData functions.
> Anyone interested in working on these features as a volunteer is of
> course very welcome, but in this case please write to the Gnash
> developers' mailing list and not to me directly!
> bwy
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