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Re: [Gnash-dev] Update release getgnash.

From: Rob Savoye
Subject: Re: [Gnash-dev] Update release getgnash.
Date: Wed, 01 Jun 2011 23:08:00 -0600
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On 06/01/11 17:01, Sandro Santilli wrote:
> On Tue, May 31, 2011 at 09:00:56PM +0200, karol wrote:
>> sorry translate
>> Can I ask you to release the file updates
>> Currently the file has expired release: Release file expired,
>> ignoring
>> (invalid since 1h 44min 15s). Thank you for your reply.
> Is it fine now ?

  It should be, I updated all the squeeze and maverick packages yesterday.

        - rob -

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