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[Gnash-dev] Gnash for 1.75 ARM needed

From: Chris Leonard
Subject: [Gnash-dev] Gnash for 1.75 ARM needed
Date: Sat, 13 Aug 2011 01:47:42 -0400

Dear Gnash Community,

You are all hopefully familiar with the longstanding collaboration
between the Gnash project and Sugar Labs / OLPC that has been mutually
beneficial to all parties and the nearly two million kids with Gnash
installed on their XO laptops around the world.  Rob Savoye is still
listed as the default owner of Gnash-related tickets on the OLPC bug

This long standing collaboration has recently been extended to the
hosting of Gnash POT files on the Sugar Labs Pootle instance for the
convenience of localizers and to enhance the language team coverage
working on Gnash L10n.

You may or may not know that OLPC image builds are dual-boot in Sugar
and GNOME user interfaces with a spin of the Fedora Linux OS
underlying it all.  I would like to draw your attention ot this ticket
filed by OLPC's Lead QA Engineer on the OLPC bug tracker for the
purpose of following up on Gnash on ARM via the Fedora package

OLPC is in early pre-production testing of it's newest XO 1.75-B1
laptop that runs on the Marvell Armada 610 ARM processor and is
expected to drop power requirements down into the two watt range after
optimization (compared to tens of watts for the average laptop, more
details at )  and so I would also
like to draw your attention to this message from OLPC inviting
applications to it's Contributor's Program for developers willing to
address critical issues (like Gnash function on ARM acrhitecture) on
the limited number of B1 prototypes that have been manufactured.

It would be a wonderful continuation of this collaboration if the
Gnash development team could invest some effort in making sure that
the Gnash packages for Fedora on ARM were being thoroughly tested and
improved as needed to continue addressing the needs of children that
will be receiving the even more energy efficient XO 1.75 laptops that
will be entering production in the future.  I strongly suspect that an
application for a B1 prototype from a core Gnash developer might be
well-received and I know that any attention given to Gnash in Fedora
on ARM packages would be extremely welcome.

Warmest Regards,

Sugar Labs / OLPC / eToys Pootle admin

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