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[Gnash-dev] debugging bug #34975 Rollercoaster rush game

From: niraj kulkarni
Subject: [Gnash-dev] debugging bug #34975 Rollercoaster rush game
Date: Sat, 17 Dec 2011 19:11:58 +0530

    I am a new-bie developer here. I am trying to debug this problem. Please suggest me possible solutions.

Basically I've used gdb + verbose gnash to find out that it tries to load 2 other files other than original game swf file.
It succeeds to fetch first file, which is again a swf file, but gives error while fetching other file. I've tried to manually fetch he error prone file,
and found that no such file on given link exists. (even CURL gives same error for gnash)c.

I've found out that for running the game these other files are not necessary. I've tried running game swf offline on other flash player and it plays.

So can anybody suggest possible causes of problem and suggestion for solution?

Another thing is the bug report indicates a line from log "32495:1] 8591 ERROR: No fn_call::callerDef in string function call" whereas I havent seen such line in verbose output,
so what do I need to do to get these log dumps?


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