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[Gnash-dev] GSoC project ideas

From: Joshua Beck
Subject: [Gnash-dev] GSoC project ideas
Date: Fri, 13 Jan 2012 01:16:20 -0600
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Dear gnash-dev mailing list,

My name is Joshua Beck and I'm a sophomore attending the University of Texas at Dallas. Since the Spring semester hasn't started yet, I'm taking the opportunity to look at organizations that were accepted into Google Summer of Code last year, so I can prepare for it this year and have a good project proposal ready. Gnash interests me because I'm interested infree software, rendering, and embedded systems.

I'm interested in doing the "make FLVParser a push parser and remove internal threading" project, assuming it hasn't been done. What does that mean anyways? I assume it means that FLVParser fires off events to the main thread as it parses the FLV.

I'm also interested in doing a project based off the List of Tasks. Here are some potential projects I've thought of:

Implement hardware acceleration using OpenVG 1.1
Implement hardware acceleration using OpenGL ES 2.0
Various CPU rendering performance improvements
Implement AS2.0 RTMP media streaming

Which of these projects are you most interested in having completed?

Thank you,
Joshua Beck

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