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[Gnash-dev] new Android toolchain

From: Rob Savoye
Subject: [Gnash-dev] new Android toolchain
Date: Mon, 18 Jun 2012 14:05:21 -0600
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  I've been working on porting Gnash master to Android, and of course
had to start by building a new C++ toolchain, which Android doesn't
support. This required a bit of manual hacking, but also supports
bionic, instead of newlib or glibc. I figured bionic is more tightly
coupled to the hardware. Bionic has a few big differences from a
standard Unix system. libpthread and librt are bundled into libc. Since
so many packages look for these two libraries, I saved myself a lot of
time by just extracting these files form libc, and making them
standalone libraries. The only thing truly lacking in this port is wide
character support, since bionic doesn't support it.

  This toolchain is based on API v14, and GCC (4.8) from svn. Along with
that, I rebuilt all the dependent libraries Gnash depends on, and the
newer sysroot is in the tarball. As this is using seriously bleeding
edge versions of some packages, plus GCC from a snapshot, I wouldn't
recommend using this for any real production. It does however let you
run C or C++ native apps on Android. The sysroot includes boost, which
like usual, was the most difficult thing to cross-compile. If boost
builds, chances are the C++ toolchain is at least fully functional. If I
stub out the wide character support in Gnash, it builds.

  I'll try to update the wiki with new info, but for now you can grab
this from:

        - rob -

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