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[Gnash-dev] flash swf italic

From: Zhonghua Zhu
Subject: [Gnash-dev] flash swf italic
Date: Sat, 17 Nov 2012 18:56:27 +0800

i am reading code about gnash and gameswf, and compared with flash player.

i did a test.

1, create a swf, the main tag is definefont3, definefontalignzones,
defineedittext, csmtextsetting.
2, so there is glyph text in definefont3.
3, in defineedittext, text is italic.
4, i didn't get a italic version of that font.

flash player rendered that italic text, but like i said , i didn't
have one italic version of that font.

do you guys know how fp did it? or give some advice?

when i use a rare font to define edit text, on other platform which
hasn't that font, fp still can render that text like on my platform.

any advice?

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