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[Gnash-dev] Bug#772843: unblock: gnash/0.8.11~git20140708.20140419-1 (Wa

From: Gabriele Giacone
Subject: [Gnash-dev] Bug#772843: unblock: gnash/0.8.11~git20140708.20140419-1 (Was: Re: gnash in Jessie)
Date: Thu, 11 Dec 2014 17:43:37 +0100
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User: address@hidden
Usertags: unblock
Severity: normal
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On Thu, Dec 11, 2014 at 01:59:50PM +0000, Jonathan Wiltshire wrote:
> On 2014-12-09 14:47, Gabriele Giacone wrote:
> >I'd like to know how to proceed to get gnash back in testing/jessie,
> >just to avoid doing rejectable uploads/unblock requests.
> Unblock bugs are fine for pre-approvals - better that than your mail gets
> lost, which nearly happened with this one.

Thanks for answering.
> >In April, gnash 0.8.11~git20140419-1 was in testing. 0.8.11~git20140708
> >upstream snapshot was uploaded three months later but it never reached
> >testing because of FTBFS on armel, see #754311.
> >Since nobody seems interested in working either on fixing std::future on
> >armv5 or reverting std::future changes only on gnash, I would upload a
> >0.8.11~git20140708.20140419-1 as below (d/changelog since
> >0.8.11~git20140419-1):
> I'm not enthusiastic about this. The bug was filed in July; gnash was
> removed from testing in September and the deadlines for freezing and
> deepening the freeze were 5th November/5th December. That's a long time to
> fix this RC bug.
> One of the things we consider is how well maintainers will be able to react
> to problems in stable - remember the lifetime there is at least three years.
> gnash is a good candidate for needing security fixes during that time. On
> the other hand, popcon is relatively high for this package.
> I'm genuinely torn. I'd be open to persuasion, but please file an unblock
> request if you're serious about this.

Attached debdiff (only debian/ dir changes).
Tarball would be already known by archive
 bc01996f04f425ec265d6df34e48c757 gnash_0.8.11~git20140708.20140419.orig.tar.xz

Thanks for considering.

unblock gnash/0.8.11~git20140708.20140419-1


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