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Re: [Gnash-dev] Next Task -or- Wiki ToDo List Maintenance

From: Sandro Santilli
Subject: Re: [Gnash-dev] Next Task -or- Wiki ToDo List Maintenance
Date: Mon, 23 Mar 2015 09:26:58 +0100
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On Fri, Mar 20, 2015 at 01:07:38PM -0600, Richard Wilbur wrote:
> I'm interested in working on improving gnash and thought I'd try to
> determine what needs to be done so I took a look at the ToDo list[0]
> on the gnashdev wiki.  I noticed it's been 4 years since it was
> updated so I thought I should ask here about the next task looming on
> the development horizon for gnash.
> It seems that the two lists--old and new--haven't been merged, yet.


> [0]

There's also the in-source version:

> Here's an outline:  (with some added comments and questions)
> 1 Old todo list
> 1.1 Developer website
> 1.1.a website for wiki:  This is, right?  Aside from some
> wiki maintenance, what else is needed?

I think that's done.

> 1.1.b additional mailing lists:  I know of gnash-dev and gnash-commit
> mailing lists.  Which other mailing lists are needed and haven't been
> set up?

None, IMHO. We're fine.

> 1.1.c streaming server testbed:  I thought Rob had set something like this up.

It's still on, bots should show if it's up or not.

> 1.2 Update manual
> -----Looks like a worthy effort.  How is this one coming along?

Should be in sync with latest release.

> 1.3 Gnash
> 1.3.1 Debugger
> 1.3.2 GUI
> 1.3.3 Backends
> 1.3.4 Multimedia support
> 1.3.5 Flash v1 Support:  Done?
> 1.3.6 Flash v4 support:  Done?
> 1.3.7 Flash v5 support:  'Selection'  Is this the remaining opcode
> that needs to be implemented to complete Flash v5 support (SWF5?)?

Text selection still needs to be implemented, and copy&paste in 
text areas. Or so I recall (to be checked).

> 1.3.8 Flash v6 support
> 1.3.8.a Camera (basic implementation done):  What else needs to be done?

Showing it to really work ? Like adding some proof of concept SWF
(best if in source form, to be built via Ming or some of the other
tools used for tests). Maybe it could be part of a bigger movie
showing all capabilities and starting when Gnash is selected from
the desktop menus (there's currently a lack of such placeholder movie).

> 1.3.8.b LocalConnection
> 1.3.8.c SharedObject:  Done?

I think it's done, check tests.

> 1.3.8.d TextFormat:  Done?

To be checked (again, refer to tests).

> 1.3.8.e Microphone (basic implementation done):  What else needs to be done?

Same as Camera.

> 1.3.8.f CustomActions
> 1.3.8.g TextField:  Done?

I'd say yes.

> 1.3.8.h Frame labels as named anchors

Might be done already, check tests. Maybe misc-ming.all/frame_label_test.c.
Dunno if the item refers to web browser integration, in which case I'm
afraid the testsuite is lacking.

> 1.3.9 Flash v7 support
> 1.3.10 Flash v8 support
> 1.3.11 Flash v9 support
> 1.3.12 Darwin support
> 1.3.13 Win32 support
> 1.4 MusicML
> 1.5 Cygnal
> 1.6 Ming
> 2 New todo list
> 2.1 Code
> 2.1.1 Finish SWF8 support:  This is cumulative, right?  In other words
> we need to finish SWF5-SWF7 support and then add the remaining items
> specifically from SWF8?


> 2.1.2 Finish SWF9 support
> 2.1.3 Finish ActionScript 3 support
> 2.1.4 Stabilize Ffmpeg-based audio/video streaming
> 2.1.5 Keep improving Gstreamer-based embedded A/V
> 2.1.6 Fully implement NetStream.
> 2.1.7 Implement ExternalInterface (AS)
> 2.1.8 Finish Cairo renderer
> 2.1.9 Improve performance (string_table? Xv for video?)
> 2.1.10 RTMP audio/video playback
> 2.1.11 Windows port:  Done?

Unmaintained, but I think latest release built on Windows
(Benjamin should have published binaries)

> 2.1.12 Windows plugin

Needs windowless plugin, which is also good for non-windows runs.

> 2.1.13 OSX port
> I also checked the Priorities page[1] and it hasn't been updated for 8
> years.  The Priorities listed are:


> [1]


> 1 Gnash
> 1.1 Fat embedded system support
> 1.2 Video streaming infrastructure fully working
> 1.2.a Use ffmpeg:  Anything left here?

I think we're good here.

> 1.2.b Use Gstreamer:  Anything left here?

I think we're good here.

> 1.2.c handle streaming by RTMP over HTTP

Also done, I believe.

> 1.2.d RTMPT from a Flash server using RTMP

Done too (tests exist).

> 1.3 Flash compatibility
> 2 Cygnal
> -----Doesn't this already work?  What's left here?

Tests, I guess.

> 3 Ming
> 3.1 Continued support
> 3.2 adding support for audio and video and extending to support Ogg,
> Flac, and Theora
> 3.4 adding Flash Actionscript test suite for Ming and Gnash
> 3.5 adding Actionscript 3 and swf v9 support

Ming still needs support for AS3/AVM2, all the rest is done.

> Unfortunately I haven't time today to cover all the details with the
> same level of scrutiny and maybe this should happen in the wiki
> discussion page for 'Todo' and 'Priorities'.

For the record, 'Priorities' page was written when there was a budget
so was focused on tasks to take under that budget.

Todo might be really just old. I'd refer to the one in source code.


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