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[Gnash-dev] A few issues with Gnash, Seamonkey and Mageia 6.

From: Chris Kirsten
Subject: [Gnash-dev] A few issues with Gnash, Seamonkey and Mageia 6.
Date: Mon, 28 May 2018 15:25:54 +0200
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I'm on a converted Lenovo Windows 8 G580 x86_64 laptop.  Did a fresh install of Mageia 5 (Mandrake/Mandriva fork) and Seamonkey worked for YouTube and Udemy video's.  Then did a fresh re-install to upgrade to Mageia 6.  Now Youtube still works and I have some non-serious issues with Vimeo, but my main concern is to get my Udemy course video's going in Seamonkey 2.49.3.  The YouTube help page says SM does not the support the H.264 codecs.

Mageia has Firefox installed from their core releases and everything works there, but I have everything set up in Seamonkey.  For the moment I would prefer to keep to one thing as I am not that clever in Linux yet.  Then again, I would like to get SM working just because I could and for the learning curve.

Will the gnash plugins be installed for use in Seamonkey or will it default to Firefox again?  I have tried several things like copying plugin files over to Seamonkey, but no luck.  Tried installing FFMPEG, Cisco's H.264  codecs and some other ideas.

Mageia does have gcc and c++ support for gcc installed, but previously there were some issues with dependencies and so on.  I did try to compile gcc and was left with fatal errors, but that can come later.

Any ideas would be welcome.

Thank you,

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