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Re: [Gnash] Gnash roadmap ?

From: Rob Savoye
Subject: Re: [Gnash] Gnash roadmap ?
Date: Wed, 18 Jan 2006 09:29:33 -0700
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Nicolas Cannasse wrote:

I'm back from my climbing trip, and will try to work my way through the over 200 messages I got about Gnash while I was gone.

I would like to hear more about Gnash and know in which area some work is needed. I had a quick look at the sources, some parts are looking a bit messy right now :) The code seems to come from GameSWF and maybe other parts. Is there some kind of "redesign from scratch" (using previous code but rearchitectured) planned ? What is the current status and roadmap ?

Gnash is based on GameSWF, which I also worked on. A lot of the GameSWF code is quite messy, but was suitable for Thatcher's purposes. (I appreciate all the work he did, Gnash wouldn't exist without it). Once the plugin works, I have definite plans to do a major code cleanup to the old GameSWF code, for one thing using real classes instead of structs. I'd also like to break some of the huge files apart into smaller, more modular ones the way I did the XML AS classes.

There is no roadmap as of yet, I only did the fork a few weeks ago. :-) A short roadmap would probably be:

        1. Get the plugin working
        2. Write a real roadmap and task list
        3. Add much more to the manual
        4. Do some testing and list out what isn't implemented yet
        5. Develop a test suite, and implement what's left
        6. Start a major code cleanup
        7. Look for performance improvements and do them
        8. Write a non-OpenGL backend for embedded devices
        9. SWF 8 support

This looks like a short list, but will involve a lot of work. This is where some of us working together can accomplish these tasks much more quickly than if I have to do them all myself. Most of the work on Gnash at this point was to fork GameSWF into a more suitable framework, and to get all the initial project infrastructure created. (the web sites, CVS, etc...)

Also, one of my concerns is about the usage of OpenGL. While this might speed up things on the desktop, it would be interesting to comeup with a

I have a strong interest in having Gnash run on embedded devices without OpenGL or any hardware acceleration support. I was debating using Cairo, but at this point the API to use for this backend is open to discussion.

This is one of the prime motivators for me to do Gnash. Not just because having a free plugin would be cool, but to have the standalone player work on my Zaurus, or other small footprint devices. As more and more people and projects want to use Flash, the free software world needs a truly portable player.

I'm interested also about the current AS VM in Gnash. How does it compete with Macromedia Flash7 VM ? (which is awfully slow) Is there some plans in the future to support Flash8 features ? (filters might not be a so good idea with OpenGL ?) What about the Flash 8.5 virtual machine which defines a new set of bytecode - currently being reverse engineered little-by-little ? I know it's a bit early to ask about all theses but they might be important in the way the code is designed from the beginning.

I haven't used the MacroMedia tools, so I can't really offer any comparison. I'd have to look at some clean documentation (to not contaminate Gnash) for SWF 8. I don't see a huge issue with changing byte codes, but my guess is other things have changed as well that could be a big issue. I won't know till I dig into this deeper.

Currently most Flash movies I've been collecting don't use SWF 8 at all, so initially I'd like to make the SWF 7 format (and earlier) work well enough as a plugin to play most movies before launching into implementing SWF 8. I would like to have a good ideas as to the SWF structure though, as when I start on the code rearranging of the interpreter, I can add hooks to make it easier to keep Gnash in sync with the evolving Flash spec.

So at this point I'm asking for more developers so we can make Gnash a fully functional player and plugin. If the free software world can handle big projects like Firefox, OpenOffice, or the Linux kernel, we should be able to handle a Flash player. :-)

        - rob -

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