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[Gnash] gnash [current CVS] fails to detect ffmpeg if ffmpeg is patched

From: Bernhard Rosenkraenzer
Subject: [Gnash] gnash [current CVS] fails to detect ffmpeg if ffmpeg is patched with Dirac support
Date: Mon, 9 Jul 2007 16:11:18 +0200
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current gnash fails to detect ffmpeg headers if ffmpeg is patched with support 
for the Dirac codec.

The problem is that Dirac makes ffmpeg #include some dirac headers, and 
therefore adjusts the pkgconfig file to include both the ffmpeg and dirac 
includes -- the ffmpeg detection code in macros/ffmpeg.m4 assumes 
pkg-config --cflags-only-I libavcodec prints only 1 path. (future ffmpeg 
versions might print several paths as well, depending on what external 
dependencies are added...).

There's also some more oddities in ffmpeg.m4:

if $PKG_CONFIG --exists libavcodec; then
topdir=`$PKG_CONFIG --cflags-only-I libavcodec [...]`

topdir will be garbage if pkg-config --exists libavcodec failed (because there 
is no pkgconfig file in that case), so that check should be moved inside the 
if $PKGCONFIG --exists block.

The patch I've attached fixes both issues.

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