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[Gnash] Re: 0.8.1 new functionality

From: Dâniel Fraga
Subject: [Gnash] Re: 0.8.1 new functionality
Date: Sat, 18 Aug 2007 21:11:09 -0300

On Sun, 19 Aug 2007 01:44:56 +0200
Markus Gothe <address@hidden> wrote:

> This is totally garbage since it does'nt answer the question, don't  
> send us this kind of mail please... FFS!

        Why not? This list doesn't receive messages for a long time.
When someone post something, I, as a long-term Gnash user have the
right to express my opinion and what I would like to see Gnash

        This kind of hostility is what prevent free software to be
used. Developers seem to hate users and don't permit that the users
express what they really need.

        And without the users, there's no need to develop anything. You
could just develop on your own and not distribute your code to the

        And I'll say it again: myspace player should be considered as a
urgent priority. It's the second more important site after youtube.

        If I was a developer, it would be so obvious that I won't waste
my time on things that don't return anything concrete to the user.

        Anyway, do whatever you want. In theory I have 3 options:
Gnash, swfdec and adobe official plugin. As a user, I need the one that
goes well with most of the sites. If Adobe launches a 64 bit plugin,
certainly I will use it, because I can't wait till death to see Gnash
support what I need now. Ok, you'll say that developers do it by
themselves, in their spare time, without been paid for it... but it's a
option that you choose, so don't complain. If you don't want to
hear users, do *not* develop anything...

Linux 2.6.22: Holy Dancing Manatees, Batman!

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