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[Gnash] Playing multiple movies at the same time

From: Sergio Garcia Murillo
Subject: [Gnash] Playing multiple movies at the same time
Date: Sun, 19 Aug 2007 20:54:50 +0200

I'm currently working in using flash movies for Video IVR systems in Asterisk.
I've got something working (currently working on audio) and probably I'l make
it public next week.
But I have seen that currently there is no way of playing multiple movies at
the same time so I'll have to use forking as there is done in the plugins.
Also I've found that due to the garbage collector it's not possible to use different
threads to load and play the movie.
From my undestanding these are issues that should be fixed but don't know if
you've got the same point of view. Are there any plans of fixing it? Would any
work done in that area considered interesting to be commited?
Best regards

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