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Re: Re[4]: [Gnash] PPC blue video

From: David Erosa García
Subject: Re: Re[4]: [Gnash] PPC blue video
Date: Tue, 28 Aug 2007 17:27:42 +0200

> Aargh. Not again :(
> I meant the lowercase "-v" option (like verbose) *not* the uppercase
> one (Version), so:

Uuuups, so sorry...

Here it is:

address@hidden:/tmp/gnash/testsuite/movies.all$ gnash -v gravity.swf
9661] 17:20:29: Verbose output turned on
9661] 17:20:29: No rendering flags specified, using rcfile
9661] 17:20:29: Checking support for MIT-SHM...
9661] 17:20:29: NOTICE: MIT-SHM available (version 1.1)!
9661] 17:20:29: Your X server expects RGB24 pixmap data for standard mode.
9661] 17:20:29: Created top level window
9661] 17:20:29: X server pixel format is (R16:8, G8:8, B0:8, 32 bpp)
9661] 17:20:29: X server is using BGRA32 pixel format
9661] 17:20:29: framebuffer pixel format is BGRA32
9661] 17:20:29: Base url set to:
9661] 17:20:29: Movie
file:///tmp/gnash/testsuite/movies.all/gravity.swf (SWF5) added to
9661] 17:20:29: GTK-AGG: Using shared memory image
9661] 17:20:29: initialized AGG buffer <0x303cb000>, 1228800 bytes,
640x480, rowsize is 2560 bytes
9661] 17:20:30: TRACE: bounced!
9661] 17:20:43: TRACE: bounced!
9661] 17:20:43: DEBUG: static gboolean
gnash::GtkGui::delete_event(GtkWidget*, GdkEvent*, void*) enter
Main loop ended, cleaning up
Any segfault past this message is likely due to improper threads cleanup.

The ball is not yellow, as you can see here:

As I said before, it works ok without the MIT-SHM option.

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