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[Gnash] New volunteer

From: iMDT - Tiago Jacobs
Subject: [Gnash] New volunteer
Date: Thu, 01 Oct 2009 21:14:05 -0300
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Hello, My name is Tiago Jacobs, i am a member of red5 project, and I want to become a volunteer working on gnash project.

On red5, i am supporting users, i've implemented h264 live support, and working on many other things.

I think should be fine to improve quality of gnash to a 100% open source product, it will be very nice!

Please, let me know about these things (that i think is important for more volunteers and more market acceptance):

   * Gnash can run together with Flash Player?
   * How much difficult will be implementing Gnash as an Internet
     Explorer plugin?


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