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[Gneuralnetwork] Gneural Network release 0.5.0 is ready!

From: Jean Michel Sellier
Subject: [Gneuralnetwork] Gneural Network release 0.5.0 is ready!
Date: Fri, 18 Mar 2016 19:00:17 +0100

Hello Everyone!

I have the great pleasure to let you know that a new version of Gneural Network (0.5.0) is now available! Gneural Network is the GNU package which implements a programmable neural network. Please, feel free to download it from the following link:

This new version represents a big step ahead compared to the previous one. In fact, it has the following new features:

- The installation process now follows the GNU standards.
- A scripting language is available which allows users to define their own neural network without having to know anything about coding.
- Advanced programmers can use the methods/routines inside the code for their own purposes.
- When defining the neurons of a network, it is possible to choose among various discriminant and activation functions, etc.
- Different methods to train a neural network are available.
- Neural networks can be saved once trained for later use.
- The code is truly cross platform since it is entirely developed in C and does not depend on any external library.

The network can now learn tasks defined by the user, and an example of script implementing a simple network which fits a curve is provided for clarity.

Happy Neural Hacking!



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