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Re: [Gneuralnetwork] Help wanted: a repository for Gneural Network

From: Bob Proulx
Subject: Re: [Gneuralnetwork] Help wanted: a repository for Gneural Network
Date: Thu, 24 Mar 2016 16:43:25 -0600
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Hello Gneural Network Community,

Jean Michel Sellier wrote:
> I am going to deal with that by myself then and see what to do. Hopefully
> this preliminary repo should be ready in a few hours..

I am one of the Savannah admins.  I was looking over the new project,
saw this issue, and contacted JM about it.  This is easy to fix if
done "soonest" and more of a pain as time goes by.  Therefore I
recommended doing a fix to the repository.  JM told me to go ahead and
therefore I have reset the repository and removed the binary tar

That is now done.  But having been done, the removal of the files from
the history, it means that any clones of the previous repository will
be out of sync.  If someone blindly pulls from it they will end up
with conflicts in their working directory.

Since this is a new project the easiest thing is simply to clone the
repository again info a fresh directory.  That is simple and trouble
free option.

  git clone address@hidden/srv/git/gneuralnetwork.git
  git clone git://

If you are comfortable with git then it is possible to fetch the new
origin then reset --hard origin/master.  THIS WILL DISCARD LOCAL
CHANGES so only do this if you haven't made any.  If no local changes:

  git fetch origin
  git reset --hard origin/master

If you have a locally modified working copy then please take a moment
to ensure that you don't lose your work.  I still recommend creating a
new clone for simplicity.  But there are many different ways using
git.  One way is to use git stash.

    ...modified working copy...
  git stash save
    ...clean working copy without your changes...
  git fetch origin
  git reset --hard origin/master
    ...back in sync with origin...
  git stash pop
    ...modified working copy with your changes...

If you have local modifications then be safe and always make a backup
copy first.

> Giuseppe Scrivano wrote:
> > I am not sure if not fast forward pushes are enabled for the repo
> > (probably not as it is safer) so that we do it without sysadmins
> > intervention.  If not, I think the first step is to contact them to
> > reset the repository.  The tarballs should not really be there.

You are correct.  All Savannah repositories are protected from
non-fast-forward pushes in order to prevent loss of source code.  This
prevents someone from intentionally pushing a zero'd out repository to
remove previously released source code.

Hope this helps!  Please feel free to contact us (the Savannah folks
at address@hidden) if there are any issues.


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