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[Gnewsense-dev] Re: Call for testers: gNewSense / MIPS almost complete

From: Daniel Clark
Subject: [Gnewsense-dev] Re: Call for testers: gNewSense / MIPS almost complete
Date: Fri, 20 Feb 2009 17:42:27 -0500
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Robert Millan wrote:
> Hi,
> gNewSense for MIPS/Yeeloong is almost complete now.  What we have is:
>   - A blob-free Linux image that works on the Yeeloong.
>   - A port of D-I.
>   - A set of changes that implement gNewSense branding/theming.
>   - A set of APT archives that provide:
>     - Lenny without the non-free packages (pruned-upstream)
>     - Security support, again without the non-free bits 
> (pruned-upstream-security)
>     - An overlay with replacements for the non-free bits and/or branding 
> stuff, etc
> A netboot image can be obtained from:
> Instructions:
>   - Put vmlinux and initrd.gz in a USB image (in the example I used ext2)
>   - Get to pmon2000 prompt and type:
>       load /dev/fs/address@hidden/vmlinux
>       initrd /dev/fs/address@hidden/initrd.gz
>       g console=tty no_auto_cmd
>   - Follow installation process in D-I.
>   - Once finished, your system can be boot with:
>       load /dev/fs/address@hidden/boot/vmlinux-
>       g console=tty no_auto_cmd root=/dev/hda3
>     (assuming you installed to third partition of the internal
>     disk, otherwise you'll have to change wd0c and hda3)
>     And you can make this the default by setting "al" and "karg"
>     variables.
> Some areas could need a bit more polish but everything is there already.
> The system in my laptop now looks like gNewSense, walks like gNewSense and
> smells like gNewSense.
> I need people to help identify issues that need to be addressed.  Please
> test the image above and report.  Thank you!

I am planning on testing this weekend, and getting on RMS's laptop ASAP.
I forwarded your announcement to him and he said "That is pleasing
news." (which is about as excited as I've seen him get about something
positive in email ;-)

Also if someone needs a DVD burned/mailed to them because they are
behind a really slow connection we can arrange that (you would of course
need to transfer to a USB stick you own).

Cheers and many thanks for your work,
Daniel JB Clark   | Sys Admin, Free Software Foundation |

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