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Re: [Gnewsense-dev] yeeloong's touchpad recognized as normal ps/2 mouse

From: Zhang Le
Subject: Re: [Gnewsense-dev] yeeloong's touchpad recognized as normal ps/2 mouse
Date: Tue, 16 Jun 2009 19:15:19 +0800
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On 12:11 Sat 13 Jun     , Ziro wrote:
> Hello,
> I wrote an ad-hoc replacement for syndaemon that works without
> synaptics driver on Yeeloong.  It's available at
>  (single C source file).
> Compile it as the end section of the file says.  Basically it is a
> modified version of syndaemon, so it accepts all the option that
> syndaemon accepts.
> I know this does not clear up the root of the problem, but it works!
> The methods this small program adopts to disable mouse are a little
> awkward.  If you know clever ways to do this, please let me know.


Thanks, I will take a look.

Zhang, Le
Gentoo/Loongson Developer
0260 C902 B8F8 6506 6586 2B90 BC51 C808 1E4E 2973

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