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[Gnewsense-dev] Lemote Yeelong display as an electronic book reader.

From: Travis King
Subject: [Gnewsense-dev] Lemote Yeelong display as an electronic book reader.
Date: Thu, 12 Aug 2010 02:16:05 -0600

Would anyone here familiar with the Yeelong's physical LCD display
advise on using it as an ereader?

What I mean by this is reading text on the screen exclusively for nearly
everything that would be viewed for a prolonged time period such as a
novel, or series of them, as opposed to paper.

The major issue is eye-fatigue and comfort. I'm not sure if the video
driver(when working) or ACPI will let it dim the display(or if that
will have any bearing on this). I saw some xorg.conf files that show
options for running it at address@hidden, IIRC. All TFT LCDs I've come
across tell me they're going at 60hz.

There are two things that lead me to ask this:

1) It would be ideal to only have to deal with mostly one screen in life
- no cellphone, no television, etc, just the computer.

2) Books can be tracked and seen by others. Library checkouts, or
buying from a store without using just cash anonymously will link the
materials to you. Even if you do manage to put on a disguise to avoid
identification and pay in real money, you're not always guaranteed
to get the text you needed. Then of course you have physical evidence of
possessing the book -- this can be avoided with disk encryption on a
computer where you can safely and securely obtain the text.

But all this would be silly if I get a crippling headache after a
couple hours of intensive staring at the screen. 

Any advice from heavy users of the machine?


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