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[gNewSense-users] Web Forum: Do it or Remove it

From: Ali Gunduz
Subject: [gNewSense-users] Web Forum: Do it or Remove it
Date: Thu, 11 Sep 2008 03:26:54 +0300

Hello all,

Yes, it's me and the topic is the gNewSense web forum, again :-)
Though, I'm not rallying for an Enhanced Mega Ultra Forum 3000 this
time, but I'd like to draw your attention for a more basic issue.

After struggling *against* the forum engine, to assist newcomers with
their problems for weeks, I think I can fairly say: the forum does not
work. And I don't mean it as in "Look at other forums, how convenient
they are; we cannot work with this forum". I mean it as in "it does
not do what it claims doing", or more simply it is broken.

It is the rule not the exception that when I type a detailed
suggestion, the forum ends up not accepting it without giving any
error or warning. When I divide it into one sentence long parts and
submit it in multiple posts, it is also the rule that it does not
accept one part or more no matter how many times I try.

As you may have noticed, on our home page there is a 'Get Support'
link to, as you can guess, the forum. It is here where the newcomers
come with their initial problems in using or installing gNewSense. It
may not be the most effective way of problem solving, since many
similar problems get repeated. Still, considering the new coming users
aren't overwhelming and there are users like me who are willing to
give some of their time to try to answer them, it has the basic
potential to function in its environment and even to become a stepping
stone for the mailing list.

I am very grateful to the gNewSense developers and am willing to be
patient with or try to correct any amount of problems as long as it
gives me the opportunity to do so. However, the critical tone of this
post comes from the frustration of being obstructed from any such

In short, we do not have to have a web forum if it is not a priority
(or a goal at all). What I can not tolerate it is pretending to have a
forum mechanism and leaving the newcomers with a wrong impression
about the possibilities of free software. Brian Brazil, Paul O'Malley:
please, unless someone is willing to fix it (I am unfortunately not
due to my lack of knowledge, though happy to help anyone as much as I
can) please just freeze the forum and direct people to the mailing
list, wiki and irc.

Ali Gunduz

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