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Re: [gNewSense-users] Need a printer for my computer - I think I found o

From: Vladimir B. Tsarkov
Subject: Re: [gNewSense-users] Need a printer for my computer - I think I found one "HP F2480"
Date: Tue, 7 Sep 2010 22:37:27 +0400
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Good evening!

As far as I know, any postscript printer will work nicely with free software.
I personally use an HP 1320 Laserjet with a D-Link print-server.
The worst thing about HP printers is that many of them throw a lot
of toner into the air in front of a working printer. So, the room must
be ventilated while the printer is working. 

Good luck!

> Hello,
> I currently don't have a functioning printer at home which is a problem
> for my mom because she wants to print things. Soon after we found out
> that our printer stopped working (or even refused to open when hitting
> the 'on' switch) my mother asked if we can both go to the computer shop
> to find a new printer. I was worried that we would find a printer that
> would only work with non-free software.
> I found the page and
> specifically went to
> which it had a link to and noticed that the printer we saw in an
> advertisement "HP Πολυμηχάνημα InkJet 3-σε-1 F 2480" was listed at the
> webpage, with "Driver Plug-in" set to "no". (which the
> page said I should take notice
> of) I'm considering to buy that printer. Just thought of letting you
> know, because maybe in the future I will find out that it doesn't work
> using fully free software, although I really hope that it will work and
> without any non-free software.

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