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Re: [gNewSense-users] HFS+ mounts

From: Sam Geeraerts
Subject: Re: [gNewSense-users] HFS+ mounts
Date: Tue, 22 Feb 2011 21:13:56 +0100
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Lars Nooden wrote:
There might be a bug with mounting HFS volumes in metad.I

$ sudo mount /dev/sdc1 /mnt
mount: unknown filesystem type 'hfsplus'

$ sudo mount -t hfsplus /dev/sdc1 /mnt
mount: unknown filesystem type 'hfsplus'

This is probably because HFS(PLUS) is not included in the kernel build. See output of

grep _HFS /boot/config-*

Please open a bug report [1] for it if you want this feature supported.


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